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Diary of a Publicity Guru

Diary of a Publicity Guru

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Paul Diggens has had extensive experience in many of life's roles - as a pirate radio operator, a clerk in the Telephone Manager's Office, a journalist and press officer with the Post Office and for many years Head of PR & Media. In the early years working as a clerk he was told that the Post Office were looking for young men with new ideas to promote what was an old-fashioned civil service organization that was stuck in the past. 

  This gave Paul the opportunity of a life-time and Diary of a Publicity Guru is a richly illustrated book full of originality and startling surprises. Confessing to originalities, bringing initiatives into the Post Office with the brain of 'Walt Disney' this book outlines the brilliance of public relations, marketing, and media over four decades. 

  He was told in no uncertain terms that rules were made for the guidance of wise men and for the obedience of fools! Most certainly this is apparent in his diary, but his role included being a 'brand guardian' i.e. defending the Post Office at all times and under all circumstances.


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