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Heritage Transport Postcard set

  • £400

On Wednesday 17th February a new pictorial set of Post and Go stamps will be released telling the story of how transportation of post has changed over the past five hundred years. To celebrate we have released a set of six postcards featuring six striking images from our archive.

  • London Post - The Post boy. From an original woodcut showing a boy riding on horseback with a post horn in one hand
  • A colour print of the General Post Office [at St Martin's-le-Grand] in London Pollard, James (1828)
  • Loading the transatlantic mail at Falmouth Williamson, Harold Sandys (1934)
  • Night Mail - Artwork for a poster. Keely, Pat. (1936)
  • Hand-coloured photographic lantern slide of an Imperial Airways biplane aeroplane at Croydon (c1930)
  • A Royal Mail minivan delivering post (1974)

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