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Post & Go First Day Cover Winter Greenery

Post & Go First Day Cover Winter Greenery

  • £745

From 13 November Royal Mail’s Winter Greenery stamps will be available from the BPMA Post & Go+, bearing the underprint ‘The B.P.M.A’. The First class reel will feature Butcher’s Broom and Holly images, while Second class will feature Mistletoe and Common Ivy images. The Winter Greenery designs will be issued alongside the standard Machin, second class Machin and the Union Flag stamps. The text on the under print will read “The B.P.M.A.”

These limited edition first day covers include:

  • One standard and one Large first class stamp in ‘Butcher’s Broom’ and ‘Holly’
  • One standard and one Large second class stamps in ‘Mistletoe’ and ‘Common Ivy'
  • Produced on specially designed festive envelopes
  • Cancelled with the official British Postal Museum & Archive cancellation stamp dated for the first day of issue
  • Insert with information about the ‘Post Early for Christmas’ campaign

Release Date: Thursday 13th November
Limited run of 200.

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